Baker Library, October 20, 2017. Photograph by Cameron J. Planck Th ’20

Baker Library, October 20, 2017. Photograph by Cameron J. Planck Th ’20


Announcing an enduring chronicle of Dartmouth’s storied and eclectic history: a stunningly designed, 272-page coffee-table celebration that draws from the College’s rich archives and finest writers and visual story tellers. Published in conjunction with Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary, Dartmouth Undying is the first historical retrospective since the advent of co-education and Dartmouth’s re-commitment to its founding promise of educating Native Americans.

Part scrapbook, part showcase, part argument, this book celebrates the spirit, character, and diverse accomplishments of Dartmouth College’s first 250 years, while implicitly making the case that Dartmouth’s historic contributions to society will only become greater as the College moves deeper into the twenty-first century.

When you purchase the book at 50% of the profits go to projects which support the history and traditions of Dartmouth. Prior/ongoing supported projects include: portrait of John Ledyard (on display in Baker), unification and re-dedication of plaques at Memorial Field, information booth on the Green, production of the Dartmouth Undying book etc.

Table of Contents

I. Vox Clamantis in Deserto: Vision. Passion. Dartmouth at the leading edge.

II. The Guiding Question: Teaching. Curriculum. The liberal arts.

III. Birthplace of Big Ideas: Research and Scholarship. Discovery. Invention.

IV. The Dartmouth Experience: Diverse voices. Adventuresome spirit. Personal lives.

V. A Sense of Place: The still north. What a campus should look like. Seasons.

The Creative Team

David Shribman ’76, a former Dartmouth Trustee, is a syndicated political columnist in the U.S. and a columnist on American government and culture for The Globe and Mail in Canada. He was executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for 16 years, directing the coverage of the Tree of Life Synagogue coverage that won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize, and during his decade as Washington bureau chief of The Boston Globe was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for political reporting.

Jim Collins ’84, former editor of Yankee magazine, is a long-time contributor and one-time interim editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. He is the author of a book about élite collegiate athletes and the editor of Mentors, a collection of essays on life-changing Dartmouth teachers. 

J Porter is a former art director of Dartmouth Alumni MagazineYankee, and the Washington Post Magazine. During J’s tenure as art director, the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine won several industry awards, including the Robert Sibley Award for general excellence. He served as the art director of Flight of the Reindeer by Robert Sullivan ’75 (which used documents from Dartmouth’s special collections library to prove the existence of Santa Claus) and has served as creative director for several projects in support of higher education.

Lee Michaelides served as managing editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine for 27 years, during which time he arguably learned more about Dartmouth’s history and historic archives than any living journalist. He is currently Managing Editor Emeritus at the alumni magazine and contributing editor to Dartmouth Engineer.